Substations Solutions


Cental deliver high quality Engineered Substation Solutions to Utilities around the world. We have established ourself on providing quality driven and innovative products in collaboration with our clients.

Utility Protection & Distribution Systems

Cental has over the past decades, been the main supplier of Control and Protection Cabinets, Distribution Boards , Marshalling Kiosks and Marshalling Boxes for ESB Network power generation and Substations. Over the years, their projects Design and Manufacture have been heavily influenced by Cental engineering skill and capabilities, leading to the development of complete substation Steel Modular Buildings. We continue to provide high quality and proven technical solutions to the Utilities market within Ireland.

Protection Panels

  • Transformer Impedance , Differential & Busbar Protection
  • Line Impedance , Differential & Busbar Protection
  • Sectionaliser Overcurrent & Busbar Protection
  • Coupler Protection
  • Synchronising
  • Battery Supervisory
  • Disturbance Recorder
  • Sectionaliser
  • SCS SAT250
  • Mimic
  • Remote Interrogation

Distribution Boards

  • 220vdc Type D1, D1A, D2, D2A
  • 220vdc incorporating Battery Supervisory
  • 24vdc Type D1, D1A, D2, D2A
  • 400vac Type D1, D1A, D2,D2A, D3

Control Panels

  • Faulted Phase Earthing
  • OLTC Online Tap Changer
  • DC/DC Converter
  • Booster